Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee, Black Label

  • $21.00

Whiskey Barrel Aged – Premium selected coffee beans artfully paired with the best whisky and aged for 45-60 days, then roasted fresh to perfection for a delicious infusion of flavors without the alcohol by the Master Roaster at Blue Voodoo Coffee Co. One sip and you’ll know you’ve found ‘real’ barrel aged coffee. 

Barrel Aging: We continually sample and cup coffee during the entire barrel aging process. Since every barrel ages’ beans differently, our rigorous quality control of our barrel aging process allows us to hand craft a perfectly aged bean and best quality barrel aged coffee.

Premium Select Gourmet Coffee Beans: Only the best coffee beans are found in the world’s most remote locations. At Blue Voodoo Coffee Co., we pride ourselves in the ability to source the most delicious coffees from all around world with amazingly rich, vibrant, and deliciously smooth flavor Notes to be artfully paired for our barrel aging process.

 Whiskey Barrel: All of our whiskey barrels we age our coffee beans in, have been sourced from the finest distilleries in the United States. We find using medium char White Oak barrels deliver bright flavor Notes of honey, roasted nuts, spice, mocha and chocolate. Which is the perfect combination with our premium select gourmet coffee beans.

Roast Level: Our Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee is expertly roasted to a Medium roast level to accentuate the amazingly rich, vibrant, and deliciously smooth flavors premium selected gourmet coffee beans can offer.

Freshness: Our Barrel Aged Coffee once pulled from the barrel is roasted in small batches giving the ability to maintain full control of the roast profile while ensure absolute quality and freshness in each lot of coffee.