Welcome to Blue Voodoo Coffee Co. At Blue Voodoo Coffee Co., we are frequently asked about our roasting process. Blue Voodoo Coffee Co., specializes in custom roasting and blending of the finest coffee beans; working with several different coffee importers from around the world to ensure only the best in season coffee beans available from Central America, South America, Africa, and Indonesia are used for the sacred Mojo roasts.

To understand the blue magic of the coffee bean, you have to understand, it’s not a bean, it’s actually a seed from a coffee plant cherry. But for the Blue Voodoo Coffee Co. magic to continue, it’s a bean. The coffee bean is characterized by a verity of constantly changing influences. At its point of origin, the environment, the harvest, the roast, the grind, and finally the magical liquid creation, the ‘Sacred Mojo’ poured into your cup. It’s Coffee Voodoo, pure liquid magic in a cup.

Once you have a taste of Blue Voodoo Coffee, you will be consumed by its magical powers. From the aroma, gracing upon your senses, touching deep into your soul, waking up and energizing your Spirit. Seeing your specific Sacred Mojo poured into your cup, you will become entranced as you gaze upon the liquid magic swirling around inviting you to take that first sip. You become consumed with its deep aroma and complex flavorful spectrum, surging through you, giving you a mystical euphoric feeling of energy and abilities. That is the magic of Blue Voodoo Coffee.

No, Blue Voodoo Coffee will not cause someone to fall in love with you, that is Potion No.9. But if you share your time with that special person while drinking a cup of Blue Voodoo Coffee, something magical may happen.