About Blue Voodoo Coffee Co.

Barron Bokor, the ‘Witch Doctor’ of Blue Voodoo Coffee. Very secretive, little is known of his origin, said to be a Polynesian Māori Medicine Man from the Chatham Islands and to be over 200 years old. A practitioner of Blue Voodoo Coffee magic, who keeps all of his secrete coffee roasting recipes written in ancient Polynesian text inscribed on parchment and bound by elephant beetle shells.

What Baron Bokor will tell us about Blue Voodoo Coffee Co., the secrete coffee roasting recipes are actually Spells passed down from the Chieftain of his Tribe centuries ago. Created for the coffee drinker to experience diverse flavor characteristics of ‘Blue Voodoo Magic’ the soul of the coffee bean. There are key eliments to Blue Voodoo Coffee; Robusta and/or Arabica beans and various roasting ritual practices. Every roast is manually micro-roasted upon request and given the fullest attention by Barron Bokor to develop the specific taste profiles from the light nutty to the dark milk chocolate.

During the roasting ritual, the coffee beans roasted are summoned to give up its Blue Voodoo Magic “The Sacred Mojo”. You can hear the reluctant beans giving into Baron Bakar’s repeated mantras, by the sound of the “Crack”. The sound of the bean’s submission, the very moment the roasted bean reaches its flavor potential, the “Blue Voodoo Coffee Magic”.

Upon request, the roasted beans are occasionally forced to Transend to a celestial plain, heard only by the sound of the “Second Crack”. Where the roasted bean’s “Blue Voodoo Magic” is ultimately achieved and captured; evident by a bold complex sweet aroma of milk-chocolate and roasted nuts

Afterwards, the roasted beans, the “Sacred Mojo’’ is stored in the dark for a minimum of 3 days to allow ample time for the beans to de-gas, refining the magical potency of the roasted bean’s Blue Voodoo Coffee Magic. Each “Sacred Mojo’” is sampled by Barron Bokor to confirm the bean’s magic and the “Sacred Mojo’” (Roast) has the highest quality of diverse flavor characteristics it can offer. Barron Bokor and the Blue Voodoo Coffee Co., is all about the taste and is continuously developing new Spells, I mean Roast Rituals. Keep an eye out for the next Sacred Mojo’.

100% ROAST TO ORDER: Your Coffee is NOT roasted until the order is placed. Blue Voodoo Coffee Co. does NOT keep bags roasted coffee on the shelf going stale. The coffee will lose its Blue Voodoo Magic. Orders placed MON-FRI will ship out the following Monday (please allow 3-5 days for roasting after an order is placed).